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all eyes on me in the center of the ring

just like a circus

about me

i'm just a typical seventeen year old girl. i'm a little bit afraid of talking to boys, i love texting, and my favorite tv shows are friday night lights and grey's anatomy. i love history and government, and my favorite food is belgian waffles. i love my city, but the best thing about it is the snow days. i want to go to new york city or washington dc for college, and i want to raise my family in a small town where everyone knows everyone. i'm probably going to adopt at least one child, and i want either four or six kids. i love the smell of gasoline, the way the sky looks when the rainstorm is over, and the feeling of wet grass between my toes. i'm not totally sure what i want to do with my life, but i do believe everything happens for a reason. i want to live my life to the fullest, since i never know when it will end. i love reading and writing and learning about the world. i want to travel to every continent. i want to publish a book. i want to be the best person that i can be. i'm not sure how many people like me, or who hates me, but i do think that i know who my true friends are. i've gained and lost friends over the years, and i think i am a better person because of this. the last vacation that i went on was a trip to new hampshire with my family, and the last movie i saw in theaters was eclipse. i can't wait to grow up, and at the same time, i wish i was six years old again. i don't think that high school is the best time of your life, or at least i hope so.

about me continued.

i have a bunch of really good, close friends, but i only have one best friend, one person that i can call without hesitation my best friend. and i love her for everything. i can tell her anything. i love strawberries, and pears, and apples, and grapes, and most fruits in general. i am in love with both pierce brosnan and patrick dempsey, and i would probably cry if i met either of them. i did meet an olympian once, though, and i got to hold her silver medal. i spend a lot of time rowing a boat with seven other people, and i love it. i love music, especially taylor swift, and i want to see all the movies on the afi's top 100 movies list. the fact i'm terrified of scary movies has kind of put a damper on that, however. i'm a christian, and i'm working to get stronger in my beliefs, which are becoming more and more important to me. my friends are the reason that i get through a lot of bad days. i don't know how to thank them enough. i'm currently praying for wisdom in my college choices. i love my mac laptop, and i can be a very shallow person. i love music, and i play piano. i've always loved reading, and while sometimes i don't read for a while, i know that it's always something that i can go back to. i can switch topics in a matter of seconds, and if given the option, i'd rather not know when or how i'm going to die. i've never been in love, but i can't wait to be. yes, i do dream about my wedding. yes, i have picked out my kids' names, some of which my mother hated. i want to become a good person, and have people love me. i can't wait to see who i become.

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